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Angels aren’t reserved for heaven. Sometimes, you’ll find them crouched in front of sewing machines making bonnets for chemo patients, tiny burial gowns for grief stricken parents, sand scarves for soldiers, cage blankets for shelter kitties, wheelchair buddies for the forgotten elderly and hats for the homeless in winter.

There is so much need. So many that desperately wish for an angel’s touch at some moment. These angels come in all shapes, sizes, ages and colors and have a spirit that humbles me. If you have a wee bit of time, perhaps you can help one of them?

Blankets For Canada

Nancy Panting started Blankets for Canada with the goal of providing 100 blankets that first year. They made 200. They’ve recorded 20,000+ volunteer hours each month just knitting, crocheting and sewing blankets. Because in the harsh Canadian Winters, warmth is life. They even have programs to get seniors and small children helping. Nancy is in Lethbridge, Alberta, but her helpers are all over North America.

Newborns in Need

In the United States approximately 2000 babies are born into poverty each day. Over 540,000 are born prematurely each year and for every 1000 babies born, 6 babies lose their fight for life. They are too young to ask for help, but we hear their cries.

Cage Comforter Program

The “Cage Comforter Program” asks volunteers to make small comforters for the cats, kittens and small dogs to ease stress for homeless animals, many of whom have been abused, abandoned and traumatized. Comforters boost adoptions since the animals appear to be more adoptable lying on their colorful little beds instead of crouched in shredded newspapers. (Note: Read Alice’s Story. What an amazing woman.)

Dresses For Little Girls

Imagine a World where every little girl owned at least one dress. To date they’ve delivered 46,717 dresses to 53 countries. People from all States, Canada, Uganda, and Hong Kong continue to make dresses with the dream of making sure every girl has at least one dress.

Soldier’s Angels

Sand Scarves are used to protect wearers from the elements of the deserts of the Middle East. They keep sand from nostrils and mouth, and when tucked into the shirt, prevent sand from getting inside clothing. They are simple to make, but extremely effective.

ConKerr Cancer with Magic Pillowcases

when Cindy Kerr’s son was diagnosed with cancer in 2002, she began making very colorful pillowcases to brighten up his hospital room and put a smile on his face. He loved it, so she began making “magic pillowcases” for other children on the Oncology Unit. ConKerr Cancer has provided nearly 400,000 pillowcases made by thousands of volunteers across North America and South Africa. School groups, sewing circles, church groups and fabric stores have all pitched in to make magic pillowcases for kids with cancer.

Chemo Turbans

Here’s a turban so simple to make that 15 members of the Bernina Sewing Club completed 191 of them in a single day. They distributed the turbans to radiation treatment centers and oncologists, suggesting that each chemotherapy patient receive three turbans: one to wear, one to wash, and a spare.

Personal Care Kits for Victims of Domestic Violence

Many residents of domestic violence shelters end up there with nothing but the clothes on their back. These personal care kits can be made in minutes with minimal sewing skills. Make up a batch for your local shelter or donate them to any church for distribution.

Project Linus!

Project Linus volunteers, known as “blanketeers,” provide new, handmade, washable blankets to be given as gifts to seriously ill and traumatized children, ages 0-18. Because, as Linus taught all of us, a blanket is comfort in a time of need. They’ve been featured in People, Reader’s Digest, Family Circle, Ladies Home Journal, Quiltmaker, Parents Magazine, Real Simple, Woman’s Day and more.

DIY Charity Projects

If you’d like to create your own Charity Project, you can find tips and instructions for making Adult Bibs, Chemotherapy Turbans, Hug Me Teddybears, Hospital Bed Saddlebags,
Lap Robes, Snuggles Blankets, Walker Caddies and Wheelchair Totes at

Happy Sewing!

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